Direct Concierge Medicine

Introducing concierge care to Lake Country!

This is a revolutionary approach to primary care that relies on a monthly charge paid directly to your doctor.
By bypassing insurance, it gives you easy access, transparent pricing, and affordable primary care. Many healthcare systems make money by dramatically increasing the price of ancillary services such as lab tests, cardiology tests,  radiology, and office surgical procedures. By including them in an overall fee we reduce the cost of care.

For $69 a month (with a $99 one-time sign up fee) you receive:

  • unlimited clinic visits for $10 a visit
  • laboratory tests including BMP, CMP, lipid panel, PSA, TSH, BNP, rapid strep, urinalyses, and CBC
  • minor surgical procedures such as treating warts, incising boils, sutures, and injecting joints
  • other tests including EKGs and spirometry
  • common vaccines


  • $19/month if under 30 and a parent is a member
  • $29/month if under 30 and sole coverage
  • $99/month adds coverage for inpatient physician attending charges when I am attending, home and after-hour visits, your doctor’s cell phone number, and no extra $10/visit fee.
  • Multiple child discount: $19/month for 1st child, $30/month for two children, $50/month for three or more
  • Not yet available for Medicare patients

Not included are

  • specialist visits
  • other hospital fees
  • unusual labs or pathologist examination of biopsies
  • radiology (although we may include x-rays soon)
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