DOT Physicals

FitztruckAt Lake Country Private Medical, we take drivers and their safety seriously. Both Dr. Patrick Fitzgerald and Joan Shelley, NP have completed training in commercial driver safety evaluation at the Mayo Clinic.  We are committed to providing high-quality driver physicals. As some physicals will require additional testing or consultations, we are committed to arranging these in an efficient way. when possible, we will try to schedule all needed testing on one day to make the process more efficient for the driver. We also can contract with motor carrier companies to provide clear costs for both the physical exam and other tests that may be needed on the day of the visit. Call us at 262-567-5190 for pricing details!

For Drivers:

  • Examiner Manual Here are the guidelines your examiners are using during physicals.
  • National Registry The official list of certified examiners.
  • High Blood Pressure High blood pressure is a common cause of problems with exams. Here are ways it be lowered without drugs!
    • Link to info below:
    • High blood pressure (or hypertension) exists if the systolic blood pressure (the top number) is 140 mmHg or above or the diastolic blood pressure (the bottom number) is 90 mmHg or above. How this affects medical certification depends of the stage of hypertension (i.e., how much over these cutoffs it is). If the systolic and diastolic numbers reflect different stages, the higher stage is assigned.

  • Stage 1: Systolic is 140-159 is diastolic is 90-99. Card can only be issued for a year. Recertification is for only three months if the blood pressure is still at Stage 1 and if the blood pressure is normal only a one year card can be issued.
  • Stage 2: Systolic is 160-179 or diastolic is 100-109. A one time three-month card can be issued. Recertification is for one year if the blood pressure is normal on recheck.
  • Stage 3: Systolic 180 or higher or diastolic 110 or higher. This disqualifies a driver. Recertifications are for six months at a time if the blood pressure is normal at the next exam.

How can blood pressure be improved without drugs?

  • Blood pressure is very sensitive to exercise. In hypertensive persons, after a 30 minute session on a stationary bike, systolic blood pressures dropped by 10 mmHg on average and diastolic blood pressures dropped by 4 mmHg on average. (
  • Diet helps. Lowering salt (sodium) intake and eating a varied diet rich in green vegetables can help.
  • Losing weight is a very powerful way to lower blood pressure. A ten pound weight loss will significantly improve blood pressure in most people.
  • Exercise on the Road Links and ideas about staying active away from home.
    • Link: Ride & Roll – is a website where truckers submit places where one can park a truck near a bike path. All results are available on a custom Google map.
  • Eating Healthy Eating healthy away from home.