Lake Country Private Medical

Lake Country Private Medical was created to offer you a more custom health care experience.

We guide you to meet your personal health goals based on a health promotion model using the guidelines for Healthy People 2020.

Our treatment includes physical, lab work, counseling & follow-up care, and we plan counseling time with every appointment. The ensures the doctor is available for teaching and planning to meet your health care goals.

Our practice is built around the patients, not the doctor, and offer customized health plans. We can even come to your house to assess you if you have a hard time getting out!

If I’m an older adult

  • A proactive staff geared towards intervening before things become a crisis
  • Your doctor, not a hospital physician, is your attending in the hospital
  • Home visits are available
  • Same-day visits are the norm (current availability rate is 99%)

If I’m a mostly healthy young adult

  • Visits are available outside of normal work hours
  • A clinic-wide focus on preventive medicine and exercise as first-line treatments
  • Opportunities for physician-led wellness programs

If I’m a parent with young children

  • Appointments available after work hours and on weekends
  • Home visits, even for well-child visits, are available if needed
  • Easy access to a pediatrician for questions.
  • Special emphasis on pediatric cardiovascular fitness

We are an independent primary care clinic serving the Lake Country area and offer:

  • a practice limited to 700 patients
  • simple access to physicians and staff by phone or secure e-mail
  • simple scheduling with every attempt made to provide same-day visits
  • a primary care physician who takes care of you in the hospital
  • home visits and Shorehaven visits available
  • online access to your medical record from home
  • optional one-hour preventive care, wellness, and fitness counseling sessions

The preventive and wellness one-on-one counseling sessions with your doctor may not be covered by your insurance. If so, an extra fee is charged for these sessions.

All of the other services are available without paying any fees beyond what is required by your insurance.

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